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Charter & Cargo Services
  • Single and Multi-Engine Aircraft
  • All weather
  • Pressurized cabin
  • Direct flights to West Coast and Rocky Mountain destinations
  • Full-time, FAA certified pilots and full-time dispatchers
  • 24-hour operation, for superior schedule flexibility
  • Flight tracking technology and computerized quoting system
  • Over 15 years of service
    Call for a free, no-obligation quote
No doubt about it, commercial air travel is becoming steadily more difficult and inconvenient. Interested in an alternative? With a Skinner Aviation charter flight you and up to four other passengers can:
  • Travel on the schedule that suits you.
  • Arrive a few minutes before departure time and step right onto the airplane. No ticket lines or TSA hassles.
  • Fly directly to your destination. Avoid the fatigue and uncertainty of multi-leg journeys and the overhead of zigzagging through Portland or SF.
  • Keep your bags with you and enjoy in-flight privacy.
  • Land at the airport that's closest to your destination, with a rental car or sedan waiting for you.

For air cargo, Skinner Aviation provides the optimal  delivery solution when the deadlines are too tight or the stakes are too high for a FedEx option.


   Phone: (541) 482-7675                Cell (24 hours): (541) 601-1065                   FAX: (541) 482-7681